Why the Business World Needs More Women Leaders

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Why the Business World Needs More Women Leaders

Women have long been underrepresented, underutilized, and undervalued in leadership positions in the workplace all over the world.

However, the more we learn about the dynamics of the corporate world, the more we know that female leadership is critical. And while COVID-19 has underscored the challenges faced by women, it’s also underscored the importance of continuing to strive toward gender equality. Here’s a closer look at the situation, where women shine, and how business degrees can help them take their rightful places at the forefront of the business world.

The benefits of female leadership

Research published in the Oxford Research Encyclopedias: Business and Management points to a growing body of evidence indicating that “female leaders may bring a unique constellation of leadership-related traits, attributes, and behaviors to the workplace that may provide advantages to their organizations.”

According to Zen Media founder and CEO Shama Hyder, these benefits include increased productivity, enhanced collaboration, improved organizational dedication, and decreased employee burnout -- just to name a few.

Part of the reason for this, according to Hyder, is oft-overlooked soft skills. Professor Richard E. Boyatzis, Ph.D., who co-headed the Emotional and Social Competency Inventory (ESCI), concludes, “If more men acted like women in employing their emotional and social competencies, they would be substantially and distinctly more effective in their work.” Research also indicates women are also better at problem-solving and building trust, according to research.

Making strides but far from equal yet

Despite this abundance of evidence and big steps made to create more gender-inclusive workplaces, women still trail men in management and leadership roles. McKinsey & Company’s most recent Women in the Workplace study reveals just one in five senior business leaders in the USA are women. The numbers are even lower for women of color, who represent just one out of every 25 leaders in the corporate world.

Hyder explains, “Many companies still don't view gender diversity as a priority, because they don't see how it could benefit their bottom line.” This is a short-sighted perspective -- especially given analysis suggesting that companies with women at the C-Suite level are more profitable than those with no female leaders.

They also tend to be more innovative and yet also more circumspect. Management school assistant dean Joe Carella told CNBC, “Men tend to be more driven to action while women tend to be a lot more conservative in the action that they take.” Carella is also quick to note that these strengths and weaknesses are generalizations. “When organizations make decisions, you want to have both,” he adds. A diverse staff is the best way to ensure that.

The value of MBAs for Women

MBAs are one path to helping women realize their business potential in the face of ongoing gender biases and stereotypes. For starters, MBAs can help counter a phenomenon known as “the confidence gap” in which women tend to underestimate their performance while men tend to overestimate it. This also means women are less likely to be as vocal about their abilities and talents -- and are therefore less likely to get noticed for their contributions and apply for and earn promotions and pay rises.

The confidence boost that comes with an MBA may also help women push beyond their comfort zones while simultaneously acquiring the skills, knowledge, credibility and expertise they need to accept risk, lead and innovate. In fact, according to a study conducted by the Forté Foundation, 95 percent of female MBA graduates experienced a confidence boost from their program, while 85 percent credited their career advancement to their MBA degrees.

Another huge benefit of MBAs for women is networking. The connections and relationships developed with classmates, faculty and community members during MBA studies can be invaluable over the course of a career.

Additionally, as many women in business aspire to the flexibility that comes with being their own bosses -- and MBA degrees can open the door to entrepreneurial success which can provide this.

Degree making a difference

At Mantissa College, we deliver the part-time EMBA Programme and MBA programmes Master of Business Administration programme, a programme in collaboration with Paris Graduate School of Management, France case studies comprise an impressive 50 per cent of assessments while the remaining 50 per cent is designated for assignments. The takeaway? When it comes to an active, engaging and hands-on business degree, you’d be hard-pressed to find one better than this MBA. 

Mantissa College’s MBA program boasts a dynamic global network of more than 80,000 alumni. One recent alumnus, Harrison Jub, says, “I took the 15-month Master of Business Administration course and in the first week, I was discussing the Real Case Study with groups of working professionals from different fields. And so I was learning from real people with real problems. Thanks to the case study based learning approach I am now capable of taking up more projects because I had been exposed to a wider perspective on handling matters from my learning experience.”

Certainly, evidence attests to the tremendous value of case studies in business education. Between its focus on this learning style and many other desirable attributes, Mantissa College’s Master of Business Administration offers an invaluable inside edge for aspiring business leaders.

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