Why Now is the Perfect Time to Study Business Online

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With COVID-19 shutting down the majority of the world, many professionals are considering their futures very carefully. If you are considering your next steps, now might be the time to consider studying business online. More universities are offering online courses that are cost-effective, flexible, and accredited worldwide. So here are five reasons why now is the perfect time to study business online.

Institutions are more flexible

Even before the recent outbreak of COVID-19, an increasing number of universities began integrating online learning. Lockdowns have only accelerated this process, which will eventually make higher education more accessible than ever before. Online learning means you can access educational resources from practically anywhere with a wifi connection.

Moreover, online learning tends to be much more flexible. For example,  teachers can upload pre-recorded lectures, letting students study at a time that suits them. This opens up a huge amount of educational opportunities for those for whom traditional university courses are out of reach. These include mature students, working parents, professionals looking to push their careers forward, and young people living in different time zones or developing nations.

And while some governments are already talking about a possible COVID vaccine in time for the spring, online learning is here for the long haul. Mark McCormack, senior director of analytics and research at Educause, tells EdScoop, "Institutions have discovered new ways of doing things. Whether that's course delivery or how they offer their student services, it will continue in a post-pandemic world. They won't want to go back to those old ways."

Online classes help students find success

Forbes recently published an article titled Online Education: From Good To Better To Best? It looked at research comparing educational outcomes for classroom-based learners and those studying online and showed how online students outperform those enrolled in traditional degrees.

Similar trends are occurring in Institutions in Malaysia. The first time pass rate for online learners studying at the College or Universities was 34.8%. The figure for classroom-based learners was just 17.1%.

So why are online learners doing so well? Again, it appears to come down to flexibility. In other words, students who have the opportunity to take charge of their learning seem to learn more effectively.

This is certainly the case for an online programme offered at Mantissa College. Our student from the BBA-Bachelor of Business Administration (Mr Ahmad) says "I experienced this when I completed an online business program. As a busy executive, I was able to access lecture portions from my iPhone while sitting back home and do my coursework on a Saturday morning. It was as good an experience as I've had in traditional classrooms – it met me where I am in my career and life."

Business degrees are always valuable

At times of crises, the world needs new leaders. And graduates with a solid business degree are well-positioned to help us overcome current challenges, as well as whatever comes our way in the future. Many business schools have already incorporated COVID-related content into their courses. Students are seeing how economic disruption can create winners, such as Zoom, and losers.

More importantly,  these graduates can truly appreciate the value of innovation and adaptability -- two things every successful business thrives on, whatever the circumstances. "The impact of COVID has been so significant that the lessons learned are just beginning to become evident and will likely evolve for years to come," Principal of Mantissa College Dr William Chua says; "But we don't want to produce MBA graduates that are only good at crisis management. We want to help them develop broader skills such as innovation. While change may occur much more quickly in times of crisis, it is constant in business."

Studying Online Programme at Mantissa College, Malaysia

Established in 1999, Mantissa College Malaysia is a specialised business school that has successfully graduated more than 10,000 students from all over 50 countries.

Our graduates are able to master the survival skills from our business programme in areas of 

1) Market your business -products and services to attract growth

2) Develop and Change your business so that you can remain competitive and sharp in the industry

3) Managing International Human Resources so that you know how to grow your company and even expand your business beyond many countries

Mantissa College Offers Online Learning Programme for the following programme;

A) DBA-Doctor of Business Administration 

B) MBA-Master of Business Administration

C) BBA-Bachelor of Business Administration 

Contact us today at info@mantissa.edu.my or whatsapp us at 006-011 1183 6686 https://wa.me/message/KQHE5E4DJRMJO1

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