Why journal publication were widely contributed by the males?

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A recent study shows that men publish more than women, when it comes to doctoral publication.

Interestingly, among those who become Business researchers, men publish more. The study examined questions about when gender differences in publication begin.

The authors of the study wanted to know exactly how the number of publishable articles submitted for publication differed between male and female students. They also looked specifically at how those difference varied by field.

They found that men submitted and published more than their female peers—in both male-dominated fields like engineering and physics, and more balanced fields like natural and biological sciences and even in the more female-dominated fields like humanities, creative arts, social sciences, and applied health.

Why? It’s unclear.

The study suggests that men rated relationships with their advisers, and faculty support for research more highly than their female peers.

The study authors concluded, along with past research in the subject that male DBA students receive more mentoring from their advisors. Research assistantships were another strong predictor of publication.

Another interesting outcome of the study? Men reported higher satisfaction with their DBA programs than women—more significant, especially in Business fields.

Career goals also differed—more men than women hoped to earn a research-intensive faculty position, or private-sector position.

While some research suggests that gender bias in Business is receding, the faculty gender gap may be about women’s professional choices.

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