What to do after SPM (O-level)?

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Congratulations on completing your SPM (O-Level)! All those hard work and worries are finally over! So let’s get down to some important business – what comes next?

Do you celebrate your achievements, but for how much longer? Is it time to start looking for colleges? Would you rather work part time to give yourself more time to suss out what ‘s next? We’re aware of your problems – here are some ideas to help you with your next step after SPM (O-Level)…

It’s never too early to start your research on courses that you’re interested in, possible universities with affordable fees and your dream countries to study and live in. Take full advantage of the educational fairs such as The Star Education Fair and colleges and universities’ open days. This is a great opportunity for you to meet the lecturers and clear whatever doubts you have. During this period, scholarships are also widely offered to deserving students, especially for those who have done exceptionally well in SPM (O-Level) and for those who are financially challenged. Look up our extensive range of scholarships– it’s so much easier than you think!

It can be difficult trying to convince parents that you’d rather be working than continuing with your studies. Talk to them and discuss your options. Make them understand that you’d do better in a working environment. Different people have different interests and talents. Whilst some of your friends may be academically inclined, you’re probably more practical and prefer learning within an organisation.

For instance, if you’re interested in accountancy, there are small accounting firms that are always looking for someone to carry out simple accounts tasks. Try out and if you like it, assure your parents that you can always pursue a professional qualification whilst working. From ACCA to CAT, the wide range of professional courses for working people are abundant. Find part time jobs here or look up professional courses here.

Take a break
Do you think you’ve been studying hard for the past 11 years and could do with a nice little break? How about going for a gap year – a year of travelling to different countries to experience different cultures whilst working in shops to help fund your interests? This may still be a pretty new concept in Malaysia, but our western counterparts have been doing this for years. The downside is that when you do decide to enter college or university, you may find yourself grouped with students who are younger. On the other hand, your knowledge of the world and life experiences will make you more mature, giving you an added advantage as a thinking student and it also eliminates the mistake of getting on a course, only to switch to a different one later; a common problem with students these days.

Don’t know
If you’re still not sure of what to do, you’re not alone. Don’t beat yourself up. Students at this age are still discovering themselves, so take your time. If you think a certain job sounds appealing, talk to people who are already working in the industry. Ask your parents, aunts, uncles, cousins and people your age for their opinions. Go on the web and read blogs of people who are doing interesting stuff. Does taking time off to row down the Amazon River sound appealing? Or explore educational websites like Hotcourses Malaysia to find out what courses are available, the type of universities you’d like to go to (a city university or one by the beach), the country you’d prefer to live in or read reviews of students who have been there and done that.

At Mantissa College, we deliver the Bachelor of Business Administration programme, a programme in collaboration with Paris Graduate School of Management, France. Meaning that, students will have the opportunity to study with us here at Mantissa College, in Malaysia and get an accredited French Qualification. 

This BBA programme enable post secondary school applicants, (applicants graduated from O-Level) with five (5) credits to apply directly into the Degree (BBA) programme, without the need of going through foundation or Diploma programme.

Mantissa College’s BBA program boasts a dynamic global network of more than 80,000 alumni. One recent alumnus, Ms Cathy, says, “I took the 3-years Bachelor of Business Administration course righ after my SPM (O-Level) without needed to go through Foundation or Diploma programme. The syllabus teaches me on the basics elements needed in the business field. The programme also enable me to learn from real people with real problems. Thanks to the diverse and up-to-date programme syllabus, I am now capable of taking up more projects because I had been exposed to a wider perspective on handling matters from my learning experience.”

Certainly, evidence attests to the tremendous value of the BBA Programme. Between its focus on this learning style and many other desirable attributes, Mantissa College’s Bachelor of Business Administration offers an invaluable inside edge for aspiring business leaders

Click To find out more on the BBA Programme, do view the Pre-Recorded Trial Class 

Documents needed
i) Scan copy of your SPM / O-Level / STPM / A-Level Results

To apply for the programme, please provide us with the required documents to info@mantissa.edu.my or Click Here to Submit your documents

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