Study Part Time Doctor Of Business Administration: A Simple Definition

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Study Part Time Doctor Of Business Administration: A Simple Definition

Are you an experienced professional looking to enhance your leadership skills whilst developing new business strategies and solutions? If so, a Doctor of Business Administration could take your management career to the highest level.

The DBA is more than just a PhD in Business Administration. You won’t simply be developing new knowledge through academic research: you’ll be applying that knowledge to real-world business problems and documenting this process with your thesis.

This page explains how the DBA qualification works, who it’s intended for and what you can expect from a course. We’ve also looked at some of the key differences between a DBA and a PhD.

If you’d prefer to start looking at actual programmes, you can search for your ideal DBA programme right now.

What is a DBA?
A Doctorate of Business Administration is a widely recognised professional doctorate in Business and Management. It is normally the highest level of qualification available in these fields.

Programmes typically combine discussion of advanced management theory and practise with training in the methodologies and techniques necessary to carry out doctoral research in Business and Management.

The DBA is equivalent to a PhD (and both award the title ‘Doctor’). But there are several key differences between the two qualifications.

In particular, a DBA usually incorporates more taught modules and practical training, rather than focussing purely on independent academic research.

In some respects, a DBA is similar to an MBA (Masters in Business Administration). However, the DBA involves more original research and analysis, feeding back into business theory and practice. Applicants also tend to be more senior professionals (and often already hold an MBA).

Who should study for a DBA?
DBA programmes are designed for senior executives or other business professionals with a track record in management and leadership roles.

As such, the Doctorate in Business Administration may be an appropriate qualification for you if:

  • You are an ambitious manager, seeking to acquire the insight and expertise necessary to move into very senior roles.
  • You are an experienced professional, seeking to refine your practical experience and insight in order to develop new business models and strategies through further research and analysis.
  • You hold an MBA or other executive degree and wish to progress to the highest level of professional qualification in Business and Management.

Note that: A DBA is not normally intended for students going straight into the doctoral study after a Bachelors degree.

What is the difference between a DBA and an MBA?
Both the MBA and the DBA are designed for experienced management professionals. However, the DBA is a more advanced degree and awards a higher level qualification (for which an MBA may actually be an entry requirement).

The following table summarises the differences between the two degrees:

Offered in Business & Management subjects Offered in Business & Management subjects
Is a professional doctorate (NQF level 8) Is a Masters degree (NQF level 7)
Consists of taught modules, followed by extensive research towards a doctoral thesis Consists of taught modules, followed by a practical project, placement or other Masters dissertation task

An MBA may be a better option for you if you are more interested in business practice than business theory, or if you wish to complete your degree more quickly.

It’s always possible to return to study for a DBA later. In fact, a few business schools actually allow for progression from MBA to DBA within the same programme (candidates normally extend their period of study as they move on to doctoral research).

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Finding and applying for a DBA

At Mantissa College, we deliver the Doctor of Business Administration programme (DBA) in collaboration with the Pole Paris Alternance (PPA)-France. The study duration for this programme takes around three (3) to five (5) years to complete with 100% assignment, no examination.

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