Student Testimonial-Sunny Ooi Chin Huat (Malaysian)

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Student Testimonial-Sunny Ooi Chin Huat (Malaysian)

Taking up a DBA programme is Life-long learning to continuously upgrade my domain knowledge which can contribute back to my business professionally

Question: Your current position, industry, nationality

I am currently the Founder and CEO of ClickAsia, a leading E-Commerce service providers for many leading multinational brands. ClickAsia was founded in 2015 as a start-up after spending over 22 years in several key countries and regional leadership roles at leading MNCs such as Microsoft, Intel, Lenovo and NEC. I am glad to be a Malaysian cohort part-time student with the Mantissa DBA-IPE programme.

Question: What inspired or motivated you to enrol for the DBA programme?

The fundamental motivation comes from the personal drive for life-long learnings to continuously upgrade my domain knowledge which can contribute back to my business professionally, industries and society eventually.   

This is my 3rd tertiary postgraduate programs: in my mid-20s (MSc), in my mid-30s (MBA) and now in my late 40s (DBA). 

The second underlying reason is to up-level the knowledge with strong domain expertise in the Digital Transformation field where it will help in my entrepreneurship journey in current business and industries at large in their digitalization journey.  

A recognized doctorate with intended domain-specific focus will certainly able to elevate the recognition as a seasoned moderator, speaker, business coaches and board of directors role.  

Question: What did you learn from the programme?

Despite the challenging moment during this unprecedented pandemic crisis, all the courses are conducted online using Zoom. It was glad that we are able benefit from it and the key takeaways include:

  • Insights from past literature, theories and case studies from reliable books and journals form the learning frameworks.  
  • The assignments were indeed a highlight where it focused on current business issues that were published by leading consulting firms such as Deloitte, PwC, EY and more.  
  • A business strategy or executable plans were the outcome of the critical reviews from the assignment and it has indeed become a working strategy back for my business.

Question: How has this DBA programme helped you in your life (career / personal development)?

Professionally, this DBA programme has helped me in the following 2 aspects:

  • Redefining a Sustainable Competitive Business model – From the learnings from the DBA programme, I can apply back directly and observed the positive business impacts with very strong business outcomes in term of redefining a clearer and competitive business strategy, accelerating the digital transformation in the new digital economy and focusing with a clear talent development strategy.
  • Knowledge Transfer – The readings, findings and knowledge learned from the courses were able to share back with my fellow shareholders, business partners, team members, industry associates and even my mentees. 

Question: Why did you choose Mantissa?

3 reasons Mantissa DBA-IPE programme was shortlisted due to:

  • Relevance of its modules – The subjects and its courses covered are very relevant to today and tomorrow business landscape regardless of your position in a corporate leadership role or as a business owner in the entrepreneurship journey. 
  • 100% assignment based model – This is indeed another key decision factor where gone are the day of sit-in examination but the 100% assignment based model works better for busy working professional where it allows the 
  • Internationally and locally recognised Doctorate Degree – The DBA doctorate is awarded by IPE Management school of Paris, an internationally recognised institution and most importantly it is recognised by Malaysia Higher Education board too. 

At Mantissa College, we deliver the Doctor of Business Administration programme (DBA) in collaboration with the L’Institut pour I’Expertise (IPE) Management School Paris, France. The study duration for this programme takes around three (3) to five (5) years to complete with 100% assignment, no examination.

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