Student Testimonial-Dinesh Nair AL Palpanathan (Malaysian)

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Dinesh Nair AL Palpanathan

Name: Dinesh Nair AL Palpanathan

Position: Country Director, Cargotec

Nationality: Malaysian

a) What inspired or motivated you to enrol for the MBA programme?
Furthermore, as a General Manager in a Multinational, MBA enables me to diversify my knowledge, skills and confidence into every business element. The MBA program’s holistic courses cover leadership, human resources, IT, finance, management, and marketing. This allows me to build from a useful body of knowledge in a variety of situations.

b) What did you learn from the programme?
The knowledge gained from completing a specialist business qualification equipped me to deal with various industry roles. The program especially helped me to develop my management and transformational leadership skills.

c) How has this MBA program helped you in your life (career / personal development)?
Mantissa’s MBA program positively developed my personal growth and career progression, which better positioned me in a strongly competitive job market. The MBA program allows me to formalize years of experience and knowledge within the logistic industry, instilled confidence, and reaffirm my skills and reputation.

d) Why did you choose Mantissa?
Mantissa has a very strong school of business accredited by Malaysia Qualifications Agency (MQA), and it offered the specialization I was seeking in business. The college is renowned in Malaysia as offering a complete series of Business Programme which allows me to fast track my education till Doctorate (DBA) post-graduate studies. The part-time MBA program has a flexible time-table and allows me to study at my pace and juggle my work schedule. Seasoned lecturers teach the program with many years of experience. It is attended by international peers from various professional and industries, which gives me a wider knowledge of the international business landscape.

Dinesh Nair AL Palpanathan

At Mantissa College, we deliver the part-time EMBA Programme and MBA programmes Master of Business Administration programme, a programme in collaboration with Paris Graduate School of Management, France case studies comprise an impressive 50 per cent of assessments while the remaining 50 per cent is designated for assignments. The takeaway? When it comes to an active, engaging and hands-on business degree, you’d be hard-pressed to find one better than this MBA. 

Mantissa College’s MBA program boasts a dynamic global network of more than 80,000 alumni. One recent alumnus, Harrison Jub, says, “I took the 15-month Master of Business Administration course and in the first week, I was discussing the Real Case Study with groups of working professionals from different fields. And so I was learning from real people with real problems. Thanks to the case study based learning approach I am now capable of taking up more projects because I had been exposed to a wider perspective on handling matters from my learning experience.”

Certainly, evidence attests to the tremendous value of case studies in business education. Between its focus on this learning style and many other desirable attributes, Mantissa College’s Master of Business Administration offers an invaluable inside edge for aspiring business leaders.

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Documents needed

i) Scan copy of your Degree Certificate  AND ii) Scan copy of your Degree Transcripts 

To apply for the programme, please provide us with the required documents to or Click Here to Submit your documents

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