Should I Earn a Business Administration Degree?

Posted by Mantissa College-Desmond on Dec 30, 2019 12:47:04 PM

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The term business administration refers to the management of business operations, including the organization of people, resources, business goals, and decisions. Every industry needs individuals with a solid business administration education.

What Is a Business Administration Degree?

A business administration degree is a type of business degree awarded to students who have completed a college, university, or business school program with a focus business administration.

Do I Need a Business Administration Degree?

You can obtain some entry-level positions in business and management without a business administration degree. Some individuals earn a high school diploma, get an entry-level position, and work their way up from there. However, there is a limit to the number of promotions you can get without a business administration degree. For example, it is very rare to see an executive without a degree (unless the executive also started the business).

A bachelor's degree is the most common path to a career in business administration. This degree will help you get a job and prepare for a graduate-level education if you decide to pursue one. (In most cases, you need a bachelor's degree to earn a graduate-level degree).

Advanced positions and promotions often require an MBA or higher. A graduate-level degree makes you more marketable and employable. For research or postsecondary teaching positions, you almost always need a Ph.D. in Business Administration.

What Can I Do With a Business Administration Degree?

Business administration graduates can work in a variety of industries. Almost every organization places heavy importance on administration duties and operations management. Companies need qualified personnel to direct their efforts and teams on a daily basis..

The exact job you can get is often dependent on your education and specialization.

 At Mantissa College, we offer the Bachelor of Business Administration programme (BBA) in collaboration with prestegious French Institution known as Paris Graduate School of Management, (PGSM) France. Meaning that, students will have the opportunity to study with us here at Mantissa College, in Malaysia and get an accredited French Qualification. 

This BBA programme enable post secondary school applicants, (applicants graduated from O-Level) with five (5) credits to apply directly into the Degree (BBA) programme, without the need of going through foundation or Diploma programme.

Mantissa College’s BBA program boasts a dynamic global network of more than 80,000 alumni. One recent alumnus, Ms Cathy, says, “I took the 3-years Bachelor of Business Administration course righ after my SPM (O-Level) without needed to go through Foundation or Diploma programme. The syllabus teaches me on the basics elements needed in the business field. The programme also enable me to learn from real people with real problems. Thanks to the diverse and up-to-date programme syllabus, I am now capable of taking up more projects because I had been exposed to a wider perspective on handling matters from my learning experience.”

Certainly, evidence attests to the tremendous value of the BBA Programme. Between its focus on this learning style and many other desirable attributes, Mantissa College’s Bachelor of Business Administration offers an invaluable inside edge for aspiring business leaders. Join Mantissa College’s Open Day/Webinar for a 30% waiver on your tuition fees.   

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