See how Rayan found a new career path in digital marketing

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See how Rayan found a new career path in digital marketing

Meet Rayan, a 26-year-old marketing analyst. In this post, he discusses his journey to a successful digital marketing career, and how his commitment to learning new skills helped make it possible.

Ready for a change
After completing my Bachelor’s degree in 2016, I stayed unemployed for two long years, during which I had a chance to do some self-reflection. I saw myself at a critical turning point where I realized that I wanted to switch career paths. As I was exploring new career options, I came across marketing, listed as one of the ‘Jobs of Tomorrow’ by the World Economic Forum.

In order to get out of my career limbo, I decided that I needed to find ways to build skills and a solid foundation in marketing. 

Building a foundation in marketing
Before I joined the course, it was difficult and time-consuming to find reliable and structured content and test my learning progress afterwards. Now I’ve completed four courses and I’m applying my skills to my current job.

Here are some of the courses I’ve completed so far:

  • An Introduction to Consumer by Copenhagen Business School: I learned about consumer behaviour standards.
    Graphic Design by the University of Colorado Boulder: I learned key design concepts and what to consider when designing.
  • Business Metrics for Data-Driven Companies by Duke University: The course taught me about how different types of companies use metrics to optimize performance.
  • International and Cross-Cultural Negotiation by ESSEC Business School: This course provides a great perspective on how to interact with business professionals from different parts of the world.

“I have been listing all these certificates on my LinkedIn profile, which makes my resumé much more attractive.”

Not only does my resume look impressive—filled with the names and logos of world-class institutions—but these certificates also bring me closer to my career goals by validating the skills I’ve learned.

Now I’m working as a marketing analyst, and it is evident to me how all the skills I learned prepared me for the real world. I plan to further specialize in digital marketing with additional courses and hope to one day manage social media and content-marketing projects for a technology-related company in e-commerce or the AI industry.

Some words of advice
“My advice for other learners is to write a list of your career goals and then search for related courses that teach skills that align with those goals.”

I also recommend that you define weekly study goals, so that your learning progress is consistent instead of sporadic. Interacting and networking with peers on the platform is also a great way to meet professionals in the field you want to get into––you never know when you’ll come across helpful advice that will assist you in your next course or next job!\

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Academic Programmes Offered

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