How A Doctor Of Business Administration (DBA) Benefits Your Business

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There is a stereotype that the education after a master programme or a Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) programme is necessary only for those who are engaged in research of a particular field and going to teach at an academy.

However, the business sector no less needs specialists who have received a doctoral qualification. Especially such experts are in demand in business consulting, analytics, the financial sector and the stock market. Why are they needed there? The fact is that a holder of a doctor possesses qualities that a holder of a master certificate does not always have.

  • Deep knowledge of the specifics
  • Ability to work with big data and complex information
  • Gained leadership skills or advanced soft skills
  • Research experience
  • Creative thinking
  • Ability to solve complex problems
Thus, the business sector needs DBA specialists as qualified and competent employees. The thing is that they can make responsible decisions and apply a scientific approach to tasks.

Why a doctoral degree is profitable against a master degree?

Qualification is a must-have for an employee. And the higher it is, the more valuable an employee is for an enterprise. This is one of the reasons why many professionals are interested in obtaining a DBA certificate after obtaining a master certificate.

  • High qualification
  • Great career prospects
  • Respectable salary

At least, these are general advantages, for which a master holder become applicants for a doctoral degree. In fact, with increased income and prestigious status, the holder of a DBA receives the below.

  • Opportunity to travel to attend conferences
  • Communication of competent and highly qualified colleagues
  • Participation in research studies, seminars as well as the possibility of publications
  • Worldwide recognition

The last point is not an exaggeration because such specialists are always visible in the professional field through publications that consecrate for science, conferences and international programmes. In addition, such a specialist is always aware of all the innovations in his or her sphere. And accordingly, these candidates are valued much higher than a master certificate holder or a bachelor certificate holder.

High qualification

One of the main arguments in favour of obtaining a DBA certificate against obtaining a master certificate is competence. A candidate for a doctoral degree in any particular field whether it is sociology, economics or business administration has to study a huge volume of stuff and steadily be familiar with the newest publications. In addition, writing a dissertation involves research work which means the analysis and use of acquired knowledge in practice.

After this challenging path, the specialist receives a certificate which indicates that he or she has passed the hard path of education and became a true master of his or her own craft. Therefore, employers are interested in such employees. A highly proficient worker can perform more serious and responsible projects. Thus, business experts with a doctoral degree think through solutions to multi-factor problems, develop business schemes and cases, analyse a specific situation on the market and much more.

Doctor of Business Administration prospects

Career path DBA also opens up various opportunities which are not available for masters. If to speak schematically, the owner of a doctoral degree has four options for career development.

Academic-This is direct work in an institute, which implies the position of lecturer for a bachelor programme and a master programme, supervisor, tenured professor. By the way, education is a very honourable and paid career way.

Alternative academic-You can work in the educational field outside of your DBA speciality. For example, in academic administration, career consulting or you can be entrusted with management and staff training.

Professional-The main thing here is not your field of speciality but your certificate and acquired skills. This adds to your chances of getting higher and more important positions even if you are engaged in other roles.

Research, publishing and consultancy-The DBA holder can work on the speciality outside the university. In this case, you can engage in consultations or publish articles on your speciality.

Which way to choose depends on the preferences and lifestyle of the holder of a DBA certificate. Each of these options has specific capabilities and difficulties.


Very few people obtain a DBA certificate. Several years ago, very few people in Malaysia obtained a DBA certificate and today the situation has not changed much. Of course, for many people, a master certificate or even an undergraduate is enough for a full education. Those people who decide to obtain a doctoral degree want to devote themselves to the development of science and technology. However, in areas such as business, economics and personnel management, doctoral experts have priority demand not less than obtaining a master certificate.

In fact, the benefits of postgraduate education are obvious. Together with a bachelor certificate, the DBA holder also earns a high social status, respect, possibilities and high qualifications in the chosen field of speciality. In addition, a doctoral degree is much more challenging than a master education which adds significance to such an applicant.

How long it takes to get a DBA?

It is clear that obtaining a doctorate is much more difficult than completing a master programme. Obtaining a doctorate involves a long hard work on a speciality with writing researches and dissertations. On average, obtaining additional education after the master takes three to five years. However, it mainly depends on the speciality and the programme. Some programmes may be accelerated while others may be delayed due to marriage, health or family reasons.

At Mantissa College, we deliver the Doctor of Business Administration programme (DBA) in collaboration with the L’Institut pour I’Expertise (IPE) Management School Paris, France. The study duration for this programme takes around three (3) to five (5) years to complete with 100% assignment, no examination.

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