MBA vs Executive MBA which is better?

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IEMBA vs MBA: Things You Need to Know Before Deciding to Pursue a Master Degree

International Executive MBA (IEMBA) is a Master of Business Administration program that targets explicitly corporate executives and managers. The program enables them to study and work towards earning this business degree while continuing to hold their existing full-time jobs. IEMBA students typically possess considerable work experience before entering the program.

In a fast business environment era today in Malaysia working society, change is inevitable. A healthy workforce and business requirements to lead a various change initiative. Individuals are required to equip themselves with actual business knowledge as well as changing management. Therefore, IEMBA is the best course to decide on your career pathway.

Why decide IEMBA Master Degree, why don’t you choose an MBA?
The IEMBA is designed to enhance an individual’s competency to meet up with these challenges. The programme provides students with creative and innovative entrepreneurial skills that they may use in their future management activities. It equips them with leading-edge management tools that they can use to increase their competitive advantage.

This programme is designed for individuals who want to gain business insight and competencies. This programme is suitable for general managers and business owners who wish to bring their current business to the next level of performance.

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Albeit all classes are held during weekends, an IEMBA program is still able to complete within 15 months. Unlike an MBA program, an IEMBA must be completed between 15 months to 24 months. The completion of studies is rather long compared to the MBA program.

The reason for the large age gap between MBA and IEMBA students has the stricter requirements put in place for IEMBA applicants. Students hoping to enrol in an Executive MBA program will need to have a developed resume or working experiences.

Most IEMBA students apply with five or more years of professional experience in their field and have held some leadership role, such as a supervisor or manager. IEMBA programs hold their students to a higher expectation so that they are on par with the course material and focused nature of the curriculum.

Most IEMBA graduates' students are between 32 and 38 years old. Most of the MBA graduates' students are between 42 and 48 years old.

2) Able to choose specialisations for IEMBA Program.
By enrolling for an IEMBA Programme at Mantissa College, you will have the privilege to choose either one of the focus expertise areas either in International Business Management or Strategic & Project Management.

However, in the MBA program, you are mandatory to take all subjects, whereas the subject options to focus on is limited. Unlike an MBA program, students have only a few selective elective subjects to decide. And this might not guarantee to have a bright future in employment.

By eliminating most of the majority supplementary courses, students can focus on the core curriculum and complete their degree in a similar timeframe to that of a full-time MBA.

3) IEMBA degree is a focused degree compared to MBA degree
Most MBAs have a generalized nature and strive to prepare business associates for executive level management positions. Some allow students to choose a speciality, like marketing or entrepreneurship. Many include electives that can supplement this speciality and may also enable students to explore other concentrations. However, IEMBA’s are unique. Working adults ought to narrow down and focus more on the particular business subjects they have chosen.

Since IEMBA students are typically already in executive-level positions, there are no introductory courses. An IEMBA program is composed of core classes for a focused and defined curriculum that helps current managers obtain skills that can better them as leaders in their field. This ends up saving you time and money in the long run.

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