How Do International Students Feel About Two-Year Degrees?

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How Do International Students Feel About Two-Year Degrees?

Two-year programs offer a shorter, less expensive path to undergraduate degrees. However, the majority of international students aren’t sold on their value, according to a recent study conducted by QS Enrolment Solutions. Here’s a closer look at the findings.

“Remarkably Low Level of Understanding”

The survey set out to investigate whether current international students would be willing to pay more annually in tuition for two-year degree programs than for annual tuition fees for equivalent three-year programs. The results? Not only were just 26 percent of students willing to pay more per year for the same degree delivered over a shorter period of time, but more than half expressed the belief that annual tuition fees for two-year degrees should be lower than annual tuition fees for three-year degrees.

Concludes QS Enrolment Solutions marketing director Paul Raybould, “Our findings suggest that there is a remarkably low level of understanding among prospective and current international students of the concept of two-year degrees.”

Addressing the Misconceptions

According to QS Enrolment Solutions, the “fundamental issue of a lack of understanding” regarding two-year degrees can potentially be attributed to three things: lack of awareness that both two-year and three-year degree programs lead to the same bachelor’s degree qualification; failure to comprehend that accelerated two-year programs require more teaching hours per year and therefore are more expensive for universities per year; and misinterpreting of the question as referring to overall -- not annual -- cost.

The study reveals the need to correct misperceptions about two-year degrees, says Raybould. He continues, “Regardless of whether misunderstanding of the question has played a part in the way students have answered (and for some it undoubtedly will) it seems clear that there is a degree of confusion among international students around what a two-year undergraduate degree is and what value it offers compared to a three-year programme.” 

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