Difference Between management and business administration degree

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Difference Between business administration and management degree

A degree may open the door to a variety of opportunities and diverse career paths. This collection of articles is intended to help inform and guide you through the process of determining which level of degree and types of certifications align with your desired career path.

If you're considering a business degree, start by looking at the difference between a business administration degree and business management. You've likely noticed that some colleges offer a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) while others offer a Bachelor of Science (BS) in Business Management, sometimes called a Bachelor of Business Management. Is there a difference? How do you know which one may be right for you?

There is a difference between administration and general management, but it's fairly subtle. A business management degree focuses more on planning and organizing, whereas a degree in business administration provides a broad background and then allows the student to focus on a specialized area of business.

Business Administration and Business Management: Course Requirements

Both business management and administration degrees typically include the same core subjects, including marketing, accounting, economics and finance. These subjects give students a background in how businesses work, from how products are sourced and manufactured to how they are marketed and sold and finally, to how the money is managed and used to grow the business.

A student of business management will generally then go on to take additional courses in related areas, with subjects that may include communications, logistics, decision-making, information systems and human resources. These courses can help a business management student prepare for a job supervising or managing other people.

Business Degree Specializations

A degree in business management can help you prepare for a management role in most types of organizations and provide a broad foundation to help you understand how businesses operate.

Often, a business administration student will choose to specialize in a specific area such as marketing, accounting finance, entrepreneurship, healthcare management, international business or operations management.

The area of focus that a student chooses is often called a specialization, focus or concentration. This focus determines which courses the student will take and the types of careers for which may pursue. For example, students who pursue a marketing degree may take core courses as noted above along with other business students. They then may also take additional courses focused on marketing, such as pricing theory, public relations, consumer behaviour, demand analysis, advertising and promotion management, market segments, and more.

If a student opted for a specialization in entrepreneurship, specialization courses might include budgeting, business law, capitalization and investment, supply chain management and purchasing, contracts and procurement, and more. A healthcare management specialization might include courses like risk management, public relations, healthcare information system, healthcare resource allocation and policymaking, and more.

Business Degree Career Paths

A degree in business administration can help you prepare for a specific type of business or department, such as marketing, healthcare, finance or project management. If you have a focused area of interest and desired career path, a BBA degree with a specialization in the area you're interested in may give you an advantage on your job hunt. If you don't know exactly what you want to take or are interested in a more general business degree, a bachelor's degree in business administration can provide a good foundation.

At Mantissa College, we deliver the Bachelor of Business Administration programme, a programme in collaboration with Paris Graduate School of Management, France. Meaning that students will have the opportunity to study with us here at Mantissa College, in Malaysia and get an accredited French Qualification. 

This BBA programme enables post-secondary school applicants, (applicants who graduated from O-Level) with five (5) credits to apply directly into the Degree (BBA) programme, without the need of going through a foundation or Diploma programme.

Mantissa College’s BBA program boasts a dynamic global network of more than 80,000 alumni. One recent alumnus, Ms Cathy, says, “I took the 3-years Bachelor of Business Administration course right after my SPM (O-Level) without needed to go through Foundation or Diploma programme. The syllabus teaches me the basics elements needed in the business field. The programme also enables me to learn from real people with real problems. Thanks to the diverse and up-to-date programme syllabus, I am now capable of taking up more projects because I had been exposed to a wider perspective on handling matters from my learning experience.”

Certainly, evidence attests to the tremendous value of the BBA Programme. Between its focus on this learning style and many other desirable attributes, Mantissa College’s Bachelor of Business Administration offers an invaluable inside edge for aspiring business leaders

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